by melandrolia

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Their most recent work has been called SPLEEN and includes ten tracks, as well as four bonus live and instrumental tracks in its physical edition. This album navigates through different sounds and musical trends, and has taken its influences from different genres such as progressive metal, acid-rock, alternative, post-rock, art-rock, goth and death rock, psychedelic, dream pop or even classical music. The music, lyrics and art of the album are based on an archaic anatomy premise, in which the spleen was the organ responsible for the emotions, thoughts and acts in human beings. Enjoy this artistic and powerful collage of sounds and get a delightful treatment for your ears.


released May 1, 2011



all rights reserved


melandrolia Ciudad De México, Mexico

Mexican band with more than ten years in their career path, melandrolia is distinguished by their unique, honest and characteristic sound, which can be described as tough, acid and sudden as a feast in the face, and sweet or melancholic as the raindrops slipping on a window. They have opened the shows for bands of major importance in the national and international mainstream like The Gathering ... more

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Track Name: nameless
Our skin as the clouds,
And your hands hold my heart,
Unravels my soul
Certain is your mind.

Nameless, gigantic eyes!

Inhabits the deserts
Lonely canceled rooms,
There where your shadow appeared:
A caress you left for me!

The voice that doesn’t sound…
The sleep that isn’t dream…
Yet your spirit smiled!
Yet your spirit smiled…
I may kill thee,
With my eyes and heart will be.
My voice will bring you back!
Track Name: vixen
Track Name: the outsider
I feel so strange today
Don't want to turn to look into the past again
Future's uncertain,
While my present is a blurry painting
Future's uncertain, a blurry painting!
I feel fractured inside:
Broken spirit.
Myself in a stranger's eye:
An outsider I was!

Unplaced object, rejected smile!

In the very end,
Pain isn't a problem…
It's been quite a while
Since loneliness is the mind for this heart!

Unplaced object, rejected smile!

Mind & heart have become one:
They know not how to work anymore,
As of the days passing by,
Isolating me from what I once was…

-I know you’re looking for me, but there’s no way you’re having me, you won’t have me, because now you are the one in my place and you are the bitch. My bitch! Bitch! You will never have as a slave. ‘Cause now there’s no one beside you! Bitch! Bitch!
Track Name: fate
Existence is just the promise of God’s remains:
Let me be your perfect fit!
Spent some time wandering,
It’s been so fine, until now…
Cosmos is what you’ve called “our” world,
So far away, far away from myself!
Is this the Fate your living in?

I this vast never-ending story of sand and stains,
Let me be your perfect fit,
Wardrobe full of starlights!

Is this the Fate your living in?

Floating ice,
Melting from my heart,
Getting me colder,
Floating Ice!

With your big white pointing finger
Decide whether the world lives or dies…
So then, I’ll defeat your will!

Far, so far…
Far away from myself!

Is this the Fate your living in?

Existence… Gods…
Let me be…
Track Name: estoy
Por las tardes cuando ves el sol
Te preguntas si algo durará;
En una muñeca amarras el tiempo:
Intentamos guardarlo, ¡sin más logro!
Estoy… ¡Ah!
Has fragmentado los minutos:
Me pregunto si también el dolor,
Me pregunto si también el amor, el dolor.
Ya no busco más, solo espero en lo profundo.
Nos hemos perdido;
Ya no busco más, solo espero en lo profundo.
Estoy… ¡Ah!
Track Name: pathways
Mira en mis ojos:
Estoy tan dentro de ti!
No sé cuándo despertar,
Pues tal vez no te vea más.
Existence is just a promise…
I eat your remains…
God’s remains.
Escaparé al adiós.
¡Escaparé al adiós
Y llevaré al eterno la esperanza!
Track Name: labyrinth
Track Name: eternamente
Si acabares de nacer, te llamaría olvido.
De saber que dolerías, hubiérate quemado viva.

Viajé a desprenderme los recuerdos,
Sin raíces,
Obligado a caminar:
No pienso quedarme atrás,
¡Vuelo sin alas!
Track Name: riata
Track Name: asilo
No es fácil engañar a los demás,
cubrir lo que no desean ver.
¿no es acaso resistir?
Perdido en mil espacios y carne.

Sin importar las dosis,
No hay cura.
¡Debo ver mis ojos de frente!

Estoy frente a ti
Y no soy capaz de verme:
Como un reflejo
Sé que siempre he estado ahí…
Nada cambiará.

Sin importar las dosis,
No hay cura.
¡Debo ver mis ojos de frente!